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We at Cochran Consulting in Richardson, Texas are committed to preserve Mike Cochran's (1941 - 2018) legacy in the scuba industry. We will continue and maintain Cochran Undersea Technology & Cochran Military designs, manufacturing, and market state-of-the-art diving computers for military, SAR teams, recreational, technical, CCR and commercial diving from our current facility.

Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences
2016 NOGI Recipient

Mike Cochran
NOGI, Science

Mike Cochran is the CEO of Cochran Consulting, Inc. He has been a prolific and ingenious inventor, designer and developer of dive computers and many other products during his career. Mike started his work in the decompression field working with NASA at their Weightless Environmental Training Facility. Later, he worked closely with Capt. Ed Thalmann of the US Navy for over a year to understand, convert and test his decompression algorithm and use it in a Cochran Dive Computer. Subsequently working with the Navy Experimental Diving Unit and the Navy SEAL community, his dive computer was used in the first open-water decompression computer-based dive in U.S. military history. Mike has 57 US patents. Among his many awards are an appointment as an Admiral in the Texas Navy (by Gov. Rick Perry) and recognition as "Texas Instrument's Most Prolific Inventor" (by James Fischer, VP TI). He is a private Pilot and an advanced scuba diver.

NEW Feature - White Papers & Technical Publications

A document on the pros and cons of "Rechargeable versus Disposable Batteries" in electronic products.
Technical Publications covering "Task Loading", "Stealthy Diving" and additional topics.

Introducing the New Lifeguard Family
Shown is the Lifeguard L1, including a Lifeguard CPU Module C1 and a Lifeguard Display Module D1.
For information:
Call: 972.644.6284 or
The EMC-20H Cochran's flagship dive computer featuring Cochran's patented Automatic Gas Switching
The EMC-16 lets you custom tune the dive computer to your style of diving
ANALYST® 4.01 for WINDOWS is the most intuitive and user adaptive dive computer software on the market!

Revision "V" release notes, lists Cochran Dive Computers that are compatible with Analyst® 4.01 Rev V.

You can download a free Demo Edition of Analyst® 4.01 from this website.

All Cochran products are 100% compatible at the highest level with DAN Dive Research. Visit for details.