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Professional Analyst v4.01 w/ CD & USB Cable & Module

Price: $75.00
Product Number: 60048401
In Stock
Analyst is the most intuitive and user adaptive dive computer software on the market! The Analyst Software features innovated and unique features never before seen in dive computer interface software. Analyst 4.01 features an automated registration/activation when the P.C. is connected to the internet, it is capable of checking with Cochran for new updates and automatically installs the new Edition and/or tutorials. It supports both USB and serial port interface protocols. Dan Export files are Level 3 and with a click of the mouse are sent directly to DAN. Analyst 4.01 supports the EMC-16, EMC-20H and the Cochran Gemini. It does not support the Nemesis series or the Commander Plus, Commander Nitrox, Gemini Plus or earlier products, these products require Analyst 3.08.

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  60048401 Professional Analyst v4.01 w/ CD & USB Cable & Module $75.00